《亚洲法律杂志》中国版2022年刊首月的第一个排名2022 ALB China 区域市场排名:环渤海地区,现已接受提名。


  • 总部设立于环渤海地区,即辽宁省、河北省、天津市、山东省的律师事务所(以下简称为“环渤海地区本地律所”),或在上述区域设有分所/办公室的总部设立于其他省的律师事务所,以及在上述区域设有办公室的外资所,可参与本次排名。
  • 每家律师事务所请通过统一的联络人进行申报。
  • ALB将通过律所的申报、ALB的编辑资源、对市场的观察等展开调研,来排出环渤海地区的顶尖律所。
  • 排名将分为两部分:环渤海地区本地律所和非环渤海地区本地律所(环渤海地区业务)。



  • 基本情况:人员数量、市场规模、业务体量等;
  • 专业实力:历年的重要成就、过去12个月完成的重大交易/诉讼;
  • 业务布局:业务领域布局、过去12个月新增的业务领域;
  • 客户关系:代表性客户、过去12个月新增的客户;
  • 发展路径:市场定位和发展策略。




Submission open: 2022 ALB China Regional Ranking: Circum-Bohai Sea Area Firms

With more than 40 years of development, China legal market is growing rapidly and playing an important role in Asia and the world. With the overall development of China legal market, we also see the great changes in China's regional legal market. Local law firms rooted in the local market or seeking national / global layout, and regional offices of large-scale law firms, are leading the regional legal market move forward.

Through a series of regional legal market ranking, ALB will focus on the outstanding law firms with strong strength, outstanding achievements and outstanding performance in the regional legal market. It will showcase law firms’ professional strength and development strategy in China regional market and attract more attention.

As the first ranking in ALB China 2022, 2022 ALB China regional market ranking: Circum-Bohai Sea Area Firms is now open for submission.

Our Research:

  • This ranking opens to law firms headquartered in Circum-Bohai Sea Area, which is in Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin and Shandong(hereafter refers to “local firms”); law firms which headquartered in other provinces with branches/offices in in  above regions; and the international law firms with offices in above regions.
  • Please make the submission through one contact each firm.
  • ALB will draw information from firm submissions, editorial resources and market suggestions to identify the top firms in Circum-Bohai Sea Area.
  • The ranking will feature both local firms in Circum-Bohai Sea Area and the non-local firms in Circum-Bohai Sea Area (Circum-Bohai Sea Area Practice).

Our Ranking:

Research will be based on law firm’s basic information, professional strength, business layout, customer relationship and development path.

  • Firm information: number of personnel, market scale, business volume, etc;
  • Professional strength: significant achievements over the years, major transactions / litigation completed in the past 12 months;
  • Practice Area: practice areas layout, new practice areas in the past 12 months;
  • Client relationship: key clients, new clients in the past 12 months;
  • Development path: market positioning and development strategy. 

Result will be published on ALB China Issue January, 2022.

Please download the submission form here and send the completed form to no later than 18:00 November 08, 2021.

We look forward to your firm’s participation!