2022ALB将再次聚焦知识产权法务群体,并荣幸地启动2022 ALB中国知识产权法务15评选活动,希望通过此次评选呈现十五位具有卓越成就的知识产权法务精英人物及他们出色的工作。参与者需为常驻中国大陆工作的知识产权法务。


  • 企业知识产权法务相关负责人提交报名表格;
  • ALB将邀请律师填写一份网上问卷,推荐他们心中具有卓越成就的知识产权法务相关负责人。问卷内容我们会为提交者保密;
  • 我们会参考市场和以及同行的评价,若需要,ALB会进行采访。


  • 知识产权法务相关负责人工作的难度和重要性;
  • 由知识产权法务相关负责人发起的重大项目;
  • 业务部门对知识产权法务相关负责人工作的评价;
  • 担任知识产权法务相关负责人的时长和在知识产权、法律领域的从业经验;
  • 个人获奖经历。


  • 如果您是企业知识产权法务相关负责人,请点击此处下载报名表格参与,表格可以由知识产权法务自己提交,也可以由助理和团队帮助提交,一个公司仅限提交一份,中英文填写皆可。请将填写好的表格发送到。表格提交的截止日期为202221018:00
  • 如果您是律师,请通过此处调查链接参与网上问卷。参与问卷调查的截止日期为202212718:00
  • 亦可联系调研组,索取报名表格或调查问卷链接。


2022 ALB中国知识产权法务15强评选由中国贸促会专利商标事务所独家赞助,由ALB调研团队独立完成。



Under the background of accelerating construction of great power in intellectual property, with a series of legislations, China is strengthening its intellectual property protection with unprecedented efforts, driving the overall improvement of innovation vitality, and paying attention to the frontier problems of intellectual property in new fields. The emergence of both technological innovation and commercial innovation achievements reflects the wisdom and strength of IP In-House counsel, and reflects their efforts in building up the professional skills in intellectual property field. Based on their industry, the in-house IP counsel is at the forefront of highly professional field. At the same time, with the skilled practice of intellectual property laws and regulations, accurate cognition of the characteristics of industrial intellectual property and the deep understanding of business, the in-house IP counsel combines the intellectual property system with business strategy and plays an increasingly important role in business and legal team.

In 2022, ALB will again focus on the in-house IP counsel group, and is honored to open the submission for the ranking of 2022 ALB China Top 15 IP In-House Counsel, hoping to present 15 outstanding in-house IP counsel and their outstanding work. The IP in-house counsel needs to be based in mainland China.

The research will be conducted through the following aspects:

  • The application form submitted by a candidate IP in-house counsel;
  • ALB will invite lawyers to fill out an online questionnaire to recommend IP in-house counsels with outstanding achievements. We will keep the contents of the filled-out questionnaire confidential;
  • ALB will refer to the market and peer evaluations, and will conduct interviews if needed.

Some of the key qualities we are looking for are:

  • The difficulty and importance of the work accomplished by a candidate IP in-house counsels;
  • Major projects initiated by a candidate;
  • The business department's evaluation of the work accomplished by the candidate;
  • The number of years the candidate has served as IP in-house counsel, and his or her practicing experiences in the IP and other legal sectors; and
  • Relevant awards the candidate has received.

To Participate:

  • If you are a IP in-house counsel, submission forms can be downloaded here. It can be handed in by the IP in-house counsel, the assistant or in-house team. Only one entry is allowed per organization. The form can be filled in Chinese, English or both.  Please submit the form to Deadline for submissions is 18:00 February 10, 2022
  • If you are lawyer, the survey can be taken from here, which will be closed on 18:00 January 27, 2022.
  • You may contact research team at for submission form or survey link as well.

The 15 winners will be awarded with an ALB trophy, the result will be published in ALB Chinas March 2022 issue.

The ranking of 2022 ALB China Top 15 IP In-House Counsel is exclusively sponsored by CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office. ALB research team will conduct the research independently.

Looking forward to your participation!