ALB欣然通知,2024 ALB China 十五佳诉讼律师榜单现已开始接受提名。








ALB is pleased to announce that submissions for the 2024 ALB China Top 15 Litigators are now open.

Litigation has always been one of the fundamental practices in the legal profession. While contentious, it is also an attractive aspect of the profession that requires thorough investigation, in-depth research, logical analysis, persuasive eloquence, and quick wits from lawyers on both sides. More importantly, litigators in China play an essential role in promoting the rule of law and pursuing social justice while seeking victory for their clients.

In its February 2024 issue, ALB will be featuring the Top 15 litigators in China. We will select the 15 best litigators based on their high-profile cases, clients' recommendations, and feedback from the market. 

Ome firm can nominate up to two lawyers who are admitted in the PRC and have had outstanding achievements in litigation cases either taking place in Mainland China or representing a Chinese client overseas, from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023.

Please fill in the downloaded form and direct submissions to no later than 18:00 December 4, 2023

We look forward to receiving your submission soon.


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报名开始:2024 ALB China 十五佳诉讼律师 / Submission open: 2024 ALB China Top 15 Litigators

ALB欣然通知,2024 ALB China 十五佳诉讼律师榜单现已开始接受提名。